Questions and Answers

We have found it is easier to fully understand what we do by answering a few commonly asked questions.

We would arrange a meeting, talk to you about the possibilities and your aspirations to be a brand owner and work with you on all aspects of building a brand. We would give you a proposal that would enable you to make a decision based upon a gradual or rapid brand expansion globally.

We have over 35 years of experience and now have a mature and dedicated distribution network that will solve the problems you have. It will require dedication, passion, focus and hard work but together we achieve great results.

With very little capital injection we can breathe new life into your existing range. Increase your sales and profitability with little effort. That’s our strength.

We will put together a proposal covering many ways of taking your company to a new level of exposure creating a new consumer audience for your company and your product

We have been exhibiting at many trade fairs around the world and have built up solid networks with the trade show authorities and local stand builders. We can advise you which trade fairs would be most efficient for your business and based upon requirement and budget even organize the trade show for you.

This is an area where we can arrange and advise as to which type of social media platforms you should be using. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. These are all cost effective ways of marketing your brand but needs to be part of an integrated marketing strategy.

We will work with you to create a new and exciting packaging for your product that will increase your sales and profitability.

Yes, we have our staff in China and can tailor your needs to do a bespoke job for you, this can include quality control, quality assurance, in line and final inspections or any other requirements you may have.

Both Luc and I have been involved in new product development, in fact Steve founded Tolo Toys Ltd and Papillon Toys and so new product development is an area of great strength for us.

Well that really depends upon what you want us to do for you. We do not have a structured price list, we prefer to meet with you and discuss your exact requirements and then come back to you with our proposal.

If you want to find out more, feel free to get in touch.